All You Need To Know About Ain Dubai

When you search for District one villas for sale in Dubai or live in Dubai, a city that never stops trying to reinvent itself, it’s still an inspiring moment Dubai is home to numerous world-record-breaking attractions and landmarks that challenge the limits of science, design, creativity, and invention! There is no better example than Ain Dubai, which is on track to become the world’s biggest observation wheel.


This new observation wheel, situated on the glistening Bluewaters Island, has sparked a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm since its launch. If you’re wondering when Ain Dubai will open to the public or how tall Dubai’s epic new Ferris wheel will be, you’ll find out all of that and more below!

What Does Ain Dubai Mean?

One of the fun things about Ain Dubai is that its name simply means “Dubai Eye!” Most people refer to this upcoming landmark as the Dubai Eye Wheel, Dubai Eye Ferris Wheel, or even Dubai Ain since ‘ain’ is an Arabic term that means ‘eye’ in English.


Visitors enjoying the Dubai Ferris Wheel will be pleased to see the spectacular cityscape, including prominent landmarks such as the Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and Burj Khalifa!

How Tall Is Ain Dubai?

Although the Dubai Eye’s precise height was initially uncertain, we now know that it will stand at a whopping 250 meters tall. In comparison, the Ain Dubai will be 200 per cent taller than the world’s first Ferris Wheel!


The Dubai Eye will be taller than the Las Vegas High Roller (168 meters), Singapore Flyer (165 meters), Star of Nanchang in China (160 meters), and the London Eye (250 meters) (135 metres).


Many people have drawn comparisons between Ain Dubai and the London Eye. In our detailed comparison, see how these two famous landmarks stack up against each other.

Some Interesting Things About Ain Dubai

Dubai Ain by Meraas is a phenomenal blend of cutting-edge research and innovation, which implies some interesting facts about Ain Dubai you should know.


  • The Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel has a spoke length that is longer than an expert football pitch. If all the spokes were laid end-to-end, the overall length would match Dubai and Cairo’s distance: 2,400 kilometres.
  • The Dubai Ferris Wheel was constructed with 9,000 tonnes of steel, which is 25% more than was used in the Eiffel Tower building.
  • Since the attraction’s high-tech capsules are assembled in Switzerland on behalf of the project’s main contractor, Hyundai, the attraction will have a European flavour.
  • According to recent news, each Ain Dubai capsule can accommodate 30 people at a time. There are 48 capsules, taking the overall capacity of Ain Dubai to over 1,400 people!

What Is The Ain Dubai Experience Going To Be Like?

With smart air-conditioned pods, bird’s eye views, and exclusive packages, Ain Dubai Bluewaters Island will certainly have a one-of-a-kind Ferris Wheel experience. A journey on this attraction wheel should last about 48 minutes, with LED screens in each capsule presenting information on all of the landmarks seen!


You’ll be able to reserve private cabin experiences for special events, including a special meal for two or a get-together with friends. Ain Dubai cabins can also be reserved for board sessions, product launches, gala dinners, and other events. When the Dubai Eye Wheel opens its doors, students will be able to engage in educational events.

WhatIs The Cost Of The Ticket?

All want to know how much a trip to the world’s most expensive attraction can be. Meraas, on the other hand, has not yet disclosed the price of a Dubai Eye Ferris Wheel ticket. Save this page to be among the first to hear about Ain Dubai ticket prices when they become available.

Update Of Ain Dubai

Are you curious as to how much of the Dubai Eye’s building has been completed so far? The first of the Ain Dubai pods or capsules were installed in August 2020, marking a new milestone in the project’s development. Many of the Dubai Eye capsules have been mounted on the wheel as of February 2021, and the framework has also lit up in a sparkling light several times in recent months, signalling that it is nearing completion.


There is no way you would want to miss out on Ain Dubai. Speed up your search for Arabian Ranches villas for sale in Dubai and enjoy the gigantic Ferris wheel.